Agent Blueprint System

Revolutionize Your Life Insurance Business with the Agent Blueprint System

Discover How Our All-In-One Client Acquisition System Can Help You Dominate the Life Insurance Market

How we turn Chasers into Rainmakers

  • What would it feel like to wake up every day and see highly qualified, pre-warmed, educated prospects on your calendar who are ready for you to solve their problems?

  • What if those prospects were organized in your own CRM and automatically nurtured without you having to play telemarketer all day?

  • What if you had a sales process that caused those prospects to sell you on what they need?

  • What kind of an impact would that have on your income if you were to combine all 3 of those systems working together seamlessly for one common goal?

Life Insurance Agents Launch Program

Agent Blueprint 3-Step Fragmentation System

  • Laser Targeted Marketing System

    Marketing System that produces a consistent flow of ideal prospects who are warmed up and placed on your calendar. We provide agents with a way to produce their own high-quality, high-intent, leads from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram so they never have to waste money on leads again. Learn from A to Z step by step what the marketers and lead vendors don’t want you to know.

  • CRM with built-in automation

    We provide our agents with an all-in-one CRM built specifically for life insurance agents. Call, Text, Email, Schedule, and much more. With exact nurturing and follow-up sequences, our Agent Blueprint System CRM for life insurance agents provides a highly organized one-stop shop for all of your leads and existing clients. All of your leads from every source will land here and be nurtured by automation designed to have your prospects book themselves on your calendar

  • Agent Blueprint Academy

    A science-based 4-step sales process designed to teach agents a new way of selling that aligns with your marketing and how your prospects want to buy. Learn at your own pace video by video exactly how to close every closeable deal. Download battle-tested scripts and other resources. Attend our live weekly interactive training where we dive deep into sales psychology and give specific instructions on what you need to close your next big sale.

Discover how our clients have transformed their lives and how our system could do the same for you

Daniel Jester

Aaron is without doubt a 5 star sales trainer! He's motivated to ACTUALLY help and shows GENUINE interests in your business. Hire him if you need a PROVEN system to increase sales and generate a lot more PROFIT for you and your employees.

Brian Askins

Aaron has done a great job creating the Agent Blueprint System. Whether you are new to the business or a seasoned veteran, the Agent Blueprint can help you succeed at a higher level, it's a great value.

Luke Viles

Aaron has really put in a lot of work to build a system that works. The science behind it is incredible. The system takes the guess work out of the equation and gives you tangible tactics that can be applied and will generate results.

Our Services

We teach agents how to run their businesses as CEOs. When provided with the proper tools and proven strategies, agents can run their businesses based on numbers and not hope.
Sales Process Training
We provide agents with a proven and predictable four-step sales process delivered through our Online ABS Academy.
We created pre-engineered automation systems for our clients. This allows them to communicate and follow up with prospects on autopilot. No more calling and texting all day.
1-to-1 Coaching
We provide our valued clients with one-on-one coaching to ensure their success and provide them with the accountability needed to grow their life insurance business.
Marketing Process Training
Agents will learn step by step how to create, optimize, and launch their very own marketing engine that will feed them highly qualified appointments on a consistent basis.
CRM for Agents
We provide our clients with an all-in-one CRM. Calling, texting, emails, scheduling, automation, notes, social media, funnels, and much more can all be done from one platform.

Our Mission

After spending 15 years in the life insurance industry, I understand what agents go through to become successful and the sacrifices they make to grow their businesses.

I spent years and a few hundred thousand dollars trying different lead vendors, hiring marketers, and joining every association available. After all of this, I was left exhausted and frustrated.

Though I was a 6-figure agent, I was working too many hours and still chasing after prospects. I knew something needed to change if I was going to make more money in less time.

About 10 years ago, I began working on what is now the Agent Blueprint System. I spent the time to become a sales and marketing expert. Combining all my knowledge into a 3-part system and then hired a team of absolute pros to help implement this system for our clients.

When we onboard a new client, we work with them through every step, so they never have to go back to leads, marketers, or begging for referrals ever again!

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